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GunTruck Patrol:

PvE Tactical Retro Physics Shooter with  Networked Sandbox AI system


  • Bots in turrets vs players
  • Networked physics with burning ragdolls
  • Autonomous vehicles 
  • Coop gameplay
  • Tactical ai-based coop missions with blend of intense firefights, stealth, and vehicle interaction.

a game by Starr Moore aka Harntrox

As the team leader of a long-range guntruck patrol, you play the role of an American contractor that must re-acquire weapons lost during an catastrophic evacuation. Using only limited equipment and captured weapons and vehicles, you must survive an unrelenting Autonomous Vehicle Area Denial System operated by the Global-Evil Group's contractors hired to defeat your team.

The gameplay is based on AI interaction with NPC soldiers, both enemy and allied.  The AI bots behaviors are emergent and the team sizes are scalable - providing extreme replayability and total control of the style and difficulty of gameplay in real-time. The Gore setting can be disabled to turn off blood and burning bodies, but the game is set up to be an Extreme Tactical Challenge out of the box, designed for experts who hate respawn, so there will be a short tutorial on setting the parameters up for Easy Mode.

Featuring 6 gametypes including Coop and 'AI-Only' zero-player Assault and Patrol game modes, where the AI opponents complete victory conditions on a server - without human players! If the allied bots aren't already member of a player's element, they will go lone wolf and secure their own objectives, steal vehicles, pickup ammo & weapons, transport off-map reinforcements and setup ambushes.

2 Coop Game Modes, total of 6 game types:

#1. Team Co-Op Missions: All Players vs All AI Bots

#2. Team Co-Op Missions; as above, with Server Host as Enemy AI Commander!

#3. Single Player Campaign:   (with persistent rank...see below)

#4. Team Deathmatch:

#5. Deathmatch:

#6. Zero-Player Mode:

Its a wargame - no wait its a random screensaver that never produces the same movie. You can click the mouse to change the camera to different soldiers or fly around in observer mode with WASD.  The Server records the entire game and you can fly around the playback as an observer with bullet time speed scaling.

Single Player Campaign and Coop Gameplay: 

The enemy mercenaries are designed to be a challenge and will engage you at realistic distances based on their awareness level. There are 5-point firing solutions for analog-aimed turrets controlled by Vision, Hearing, Radar and Radio. It is effectively a sandbox / choose your own adventure kind of tactical wargame with a bunch of sliders to set up the gameboard(server). Snipers, drivers, gunners, soldiers and guards each provide their own specific skillsets to bring maximum firepower to the firefight.

The player's interface runs in first and third person, allowing for coherent peripheral vision when piloting  vehicles. Objects can be picked up, carried, and stacked to provide cover or block rooms. Common physics interactions include: breakable prefabs, tearing cloth, flammable everything including dead bodies. (Of course there is a flamethrower....!) The physics-based sound engine has been hand-coded from scratch as a C++ plugin. The enemy will react according to the volume and frequency of physics impacts (and players' lack of stealth) around them. The type of missions provided ranges from all-out mechanized column onslaught to lone-wolf hostage rescue with stealth as a primary objective. Failing to be stealthy allows for the enemies to call in for backup, enabling a variety of off-map reinforcements (land/sea/air) to be spawned far away from the players and target them accordingly.


GTPatrol.exe requires a Windows 7 or Windows 10 PC with a Graphics rating of 6.5.   If you have a 64-bit system and you spent over $300 on your video card in the last 8 years, your framerate will be exceptional. 32 bit  Windows 7 systems require only 2 gigs of RAM and a Windows Performance rating of 5.


Network client requires 200+ mbps TCP/IP via direct IP connection to server.

Server host can join the enemy team as commander by pressing 1 on the Join screen.

There is no dedicated server, however, the Graphics Options/Performance Tab has switches that can be disabled, and the FXParticles Slider can be set to zero to disable the PhysX local explosions scene on the server.

There is no lobby either so if a client connects more than 10 seconds after launch, any dynamic spawns wont be registered, effectively auto-kicking the client. The max player limit is unknown at this time, and is entirely server dependant.



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